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Innovation Ideas

Helping you to successfully change your organization with a clear picture from the start

We are a team of pragmatic, down-to-earth professionals with expertise in application portfolio management, application quality management and IT portfolio investing.

We believe that you can only be successful in changing your organization if you can describe it.


It is our ambition to help every organization to have a clear picture of itself, to be able to start on a journey of change with a piece of mind.

We love to interact with you, so do get in touch.



Application Portfolio Management

Mapping, evaluating and managing the application portfolio


Application Quality Management

Mapping, evaluating and managing the quality of
custom applications


Architecture Repository Management

Collect, process, manage architectural knowledge


IT Portfolio Investment Auditing

Review, analyze and monitor IT investments


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Bespoke Services NV
Veldkant 33A
2550 Kontich
BE 0669.625.345

Steven Caus
Managing Partner
+32 477 34 70 43

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