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We are a team of pragmatic, down-to-earth professionals with expertise in digital, enterprise and solution architecture. 

We love to interact with business people as well as technology people to find their “true north” ambitions by leveraging our holistic view on technology.

Our ambition is to bring innovation to the core of every organization. Thinking big, yet starting small



We guide your business transformation through our expertise in digital innovation

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Digital adaptability

We live in a world in which customers, business partners and employees use new, digital ways to interact with businesses and each other.


These new human touch points often requires you to implement and use new tools & technologies at an increasingly fast pace. You therefore need a flexible ICT architecture to support this change.


But what are the first steps to take? There are a lot of industry-standard frameworks and methodologies available (eg. Agile, Scrum, SAFe, Domain Driven Design, Microservices, DevOps/NoOps, ...)


But are they the right fit for your company? 


​We help you to:

  • Increase ICT strategic and organisational adaptability

  • Create loosely coupled application landscapes

  • Reduce legacy and technical debt

Digital acceleration

Digital is becoming an intricate part of the core of every organization.  Everyone and everything will be impacted, influenced and changed. 


Although digital transformation often has a strong focus on technology, it is disruptive in all areas of an organization. Only by transforming your traditional, non-digital business model, adapting its customers experience and changing operational processes, will you be able to remain competitive and thrive.


We help you to:

  • Guide digital initiatives from inception to realization

  • Embed digital innovation in the company in a sustainable way

  • Create meaningful change in business processes and organisation

Digital insights

Digital, connected ecosystems generate a ton of data in various forms and ever-increasing volumes. It is imperative that organizations interpret this information fast so that they can react fast and personalized (customer first).


To achieve this goal, an organization must become a true data-driven organization.


We help you to:

  • Optimise your information streams

  • Unlock the full potential of your data




ICT Strategy

Designing the ICT organization needed to support the business in achieving its goals & ambitions


ICT organizational design & alignment

ICT design principles

ICT capabilities

ICT processes (build & run)

Application & technology portfolio

Understanding which applications and technologies are critical to the business, assessing these in terms of business and technology fit


Application landscape (current & future state)

Technology map & radar

ICT blueprint & roadmap

Identifying, designing and documenting the ICT roadmap and change program needed to implement the ICT strategy

ICT Blueprint

ICT Roadmap

Cloud strategy

Designing the cloud environment and cloud service management capability

Cloud environment

Cloud service management

Data architecture

Guiding the professionalization of information streams and unlocking the potential of data

Designing BI & Data Lake ecosystem

Data management & Governance

Interoperability strategy

Understanding the interoperability and integration requirements across the organization

Integration architecture

Service-oriented architecture


Delivering IT management skills on demand


ICT Strategy

Project portfolio management

Budgeting (OPEX & CAPEX)

Operational guidance (build & run)

Digital & solution architecture design

Designing the digital components and solutions needed to implement the ICT roadmap and projects


Digital & solution architecture

Digital & solution architecture guidance

Project & team guidance from a digital & solution architecture point-of-view

Lean architecture assessment

A lightweight assessment based on the ATAM methodology to guide your future ICT strategy

Elligible for KMO Portefeuille




We are looking for a senior Enterprise Architect with experience in elaborating target architectures

Senior Enterprise Architect

As an Enterprise Architect you will be responsible to guide the digital transformation programme

Enterprise Architect

We are looking for a senior Enterprise Architect to set up the architecture goverance & methodology.

Senior Enterprise Architect


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